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Strawberry Green Juice

April 18, 2011 by julie

Brace yourself.  This juice recipe is going to make you want to go out and buy a juicer.

So I bought three baskets of strawberries on Saturday at the Farmer’s Market.  I’m usually really good about eating them on the first day but then I subsequently forget about them, they go bad, and I throw the remainder out.  I know, I should be condemned for berry neglect.  Luckily for these berries, I noticed them on my counter tonight as I set about making my green juice for tomorrow morning.

One more day and these berries would have been goners.

But not tonight.  Tonight, rather than being dumped into the compost, they had the honor of having their berry blood squeezed out in my beautiful Omega juicer.  Such a more noble way to end one’s life, no?

Berries sans hair and ready for the juicer. Notice how happy they look.

Strawberry Green Juice

One basket of strawberries

2 large cucumbers

1 bunch of kale (I used green curly kale)

2 lemons

2 apples

Put everything in the juicer and strain any remaining pulp.  Enjoy!

Strawberry blood oozing out

Pretty rainbow of colors (soon to turn into a muddy green juice)

I bought these cute jars with handles at the market too!

Optional:  I also bought a tray of wheatgrass at the market.  Trays of wheatgrass are super easy to keep at home (just leave them on your kitchen counter and snip away everytime you need some wheatgrass juice!  No need to water or maintain) and are pretty cheap (I buy mine for $10 a tray).  Add a little wheatgrass to the Strawberry Green Juice recipe above for an added kick of chlorophyll.



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