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T Minus 1: Prepping for My Juice Cleanse

March 28, 2011 by julie

I spent the weekend gorging.

At least it was vegan gorging, but gorging nonetheless.  Given my last two torturous memorable experiences with juice cleanses, I think my body was trying to prepare itself for the next three days of starvation cleansing by taking in as much food supply as possible.  Definitely not the recommended way to ease into a cleanse, but at least now I feel so ill and overstuffed that I’m actually looking forward to three days of refreshing juices and light raw dinners.

As promised, I’m posting the recipes for the juices and nut milk that I’ll be consuming tomorrow as well as a suggested schedule for juice consumption (for those of you who like to be controlled).

Pre-juicing: When you look at it like this, it looks like I'm consuming a lot!

All but the Kitchen Sink (green juice)

This recipe makes 32 ounces of juice.  I suggest you double this recipe so that you have enough juice to last you through the day.  Trust me – you want to make your juices all at once because you’ll be feeling cranky and tired pretty soon and in no mood to make any juices.

6 stalks of celery

¼ large (12-inch or longer) cucumber

5 stalks of kale

2 stalks of collard greens (I used very large leaves – if yours are smaller, use more than 2)

3 tangerines (seedless)

1 lemon

2 large handfuls of spinach

1 apple

Put everything in your juicer.  I like to filter my juice using  a large colander to make it pulp-free and much more palatable to drink.


Breakfast-lunch-and-snack in a bottle

Mellow Yellow (fruit juice)

1 Asian pear

½ large (12-inch or longer) cucumber

2 grapefruits

1 apple

Put everything in your juicer and filter well (lots of pulp from the grapefruit and pear).  This juice is really tasty- the cucumber makes it a little less sweet so that you’re not bouncing off the walls.  Makes about 16 ounces of juice.


Don't need to hold you nose for this one!

Nutty Ending (nut milk)

3 cups of almond milk (I used store-bought sweetened vanilla almond milk)

½ cup of  liquid vanilla

1 cup soaked cashews (soaked overnight and rinsed well)

Dash of sea salt

1 teaspoon (or more) of cinnamon

1-2 tablespoons of agave (you can omit this if you bought sweetened almond milk – or not.  You’ve been drinking green liquid all day – go ahead and live a little)

Put everything in a blender (not a juicer).  Blend until creamy.  This makes for 1-2 glasses of nut milk.


Better than a cheeseburger

Suggested schedule for juice consumption

Start your morning with some water and lemon, or go right to your first glass of green juice.

Around late morning, drink another glass of green juice.

Around lunchtime, when everyone else is eating greasy burgers and coma-inducing sandwiches, have yourself a delicious glass of the fruit juice.

If you’re still dying of hunger after the fruit juice, wait about an hour or so and have a glass of the nut milk (but save some for later – you’ll need it!).

Have another glass of green juice sometime after lunch.

Around late afternoon, around 4 P.M. or so, pour yourself a nice, thick and creamy glass of the nut milk and enjoy.   Finish off your night with a light, raw vegan dinner (post to come).


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